Try Before You Buy

Hi Squash Players, 

This is Tim Burganov, Xamsa Squash co-founder.

Xamsa Squash is introducing its “Try Before You Buy” program and I am looking forward to building a custom racquet for you.

Here is how it works:
Please fill out the form below with a few questions about your preferences and style of play

I will personally review your answers and will send you an email within 24 hours with my suggestion for a racquet with custom strings, tension and grip.
if you decide to give it a try, please complete the order and pay the deposit ($110-$160 CAD depending on the customization options)

When you receive your custom racquet, you will have 30 days to test it out in real game situations.

If we don’t receive your return request within 31 days, we will assume that you are happy with the racquet and will process your order as a final sale (the deposit will cover the full price of the racquet). Otherwise, please send the racquet back and we will refund your deposit in full. You will need to pay for return shipping or we can email you a pre-paid shipping label and deduct $10 CAD for Canada ($15 CAD for the US). Squash players from other countries are more than welcome to participate in the program but in case you want to return the racquet, you will need to arrange for a return shipping yourself.

Here is a few examples of our recommendations (scroll down to fill the form):

$75 - $110
$110 - $145
$145 - $175
$110 - $175

Below are the questions about the racquet(s) you currently own or owned in the past.
If it doesn’t apply to you, please skip this section.

Anything you didn’t like about your racquet?
Please select all that apply

Lack of power
Lack of control
Too head heavy
Too head light
Lack of maneuverability
Not durable enough
Too light
Too heavy
Other (please specify)

Yes, please indicate:
Not sure

Head Light
Head Heavy
Even balance
Not sure

The next series of questions will be about the preferences for your new racquet compared to your previous racquet

Please select all that apply.
Do you want your new racquet to have:

Similar Balance to my previous racquet
More Head Heavy Balance
More Head Light Balance
No Balance preference

Similar weight to my previous racquet
Lighter weight
Heavier weight
No weight preference

Bridged (closed throat)
No shape preference

Strings preference:

No preference (Recommended string)

Please indicate the model of the strings if you know it:

Tension preference (lb):

Recommended tension

Any comments on your preferred tension?

Do you:

put an overgrip on your original grip
play with the original/replacement grip only?

Grip model name if you know it:

Do you prefer:

a thin grip
a bit thicker than factory grip

The next series of questions will be about your style of play

Which pace of the game do you prefer?

Not sure

In your usual match, do you play more than 50% on your:

Not sure

In your usual match, do you play more:

Straight drives
Crosscourt drives
Not sure

Are you more of:

Attacking player
Patient defending player
Not sure

Your opponent played a drop shot and you are barely able to get to the ball, will you usually play

Straight drive
Crosscourt drive
Counter-attack in the front

In a competitive match, what brings you most points on average?

Outright winners (kill shots)
Tight drops
Good length