Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung) - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung) - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Strung - Swing Weight
Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung) - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung) - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung) - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung) - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung) - XamsaSquash

Xamsa PXT Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Frame (unstrung)

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"eXposed" version of PXT Incognito racquet

Exceptionally maneuverable.

Bumper & grommet set replaced with eyelets making the racquet ~11 g lighter, ~13 mm more headlight and making it easier to return tight balls along the wall.

Warranty void due to the top bumper removed.

 Power Control Durability
8 8 5

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Construction 100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber, Prepreg technology
Net Weight 105 g +/- 2 g
Strung Weight 140 g +/- 2 g (when strung with Xamsa PM-18)
Surface area 500 cm2
Length 686 mm
Balance (strung) 360 mm +/- 3 mm
String pattern 14x18. Comes unstrung due to higher manufacturing costs and to allow players to take advantage of high quality custom stringing options
Quality consistency. All racquets are consistently excellent with the same weight and balance for the whole batch thanks to prepreg technology.
    Let us tell you a little bit more about the construction and technology behind this unique racquet.
    The mold is exactly the same as our PXT 110/115, but the construction is not.
    The racquet is made of 100% Toray Japan carbon fiber using prepreg technology.
    Prepreg is a composite material in which a reinforcement fiber is pre-impregnated with resin in a specific ratio. This allows for direct laying into a mold without having to add resin. Every racquet has the same ratio of resin with no excess or dry spots. Uniform thickness allows for all racquets to be almost identical, with the same weight and balance as per advertised specifications.
    What makes PXT Incognito unique is that it’s a consistently excellent racquet with consistent weight and balance for every racquet, not to mention a large sweet spot, effortless power and a sleek design.
    When doing research we could not find any other squash racquet on the market made of 100% Japanese carbon fiber using prepreg technology and we are still not sure as to why.
    Perhaps the racquet doesn’t need to be made out of such premium materials and it’s hard to justify the higher manufacturing cost which is almost twice as much as for standard racquets?
    To answer this question, we invite you to give the new PXT Incognito a try.
    Looking forward to your feedback.
    PNT 110 
    PXT Incognito PXT 110 PXT 115 Crucible Duro 120 Onyx Obsidian
    Xamsa PNT 110 Xamsa Incognito Xamsa PXT 110 Xamsa PXT 115 Xamsa Crucible

    Xamsa Duro

    Xamsa Onyx Xamsa Obsidian
    Power 6
    8 7 6 6 10 7
    Control 8 9 7 7 10 6 6 9


    8 4 10 10 10 10 10
    Key features Classic shape   Feels flexible with even balance Feels flexible with  head light balance Feels stiff with even balance  Feels stiff with even balance Great intermediate level racquet
    Feels stiff and a bit head heavy
    Powerful teardrop shape Excellent control without compromising maneuverability
    Part of the demo program
    Construction Carbon Carbon hotmelt prepreg Carbon + basalt Carbon + basalt Carbon + basalt Carbon + fiberglass 100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber, Diamond shaped edges 100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber, Diamond shaped edges
    Net Frame Weight 110 g - 120 g 110 g  110 g - 120 g 115 g - 120 g  115 g - 120 g 120 g - 125 g 109 g - 113 g 110 g - 114 g
    Gross Weight 150 g - 160 g  150 g 145 g - 155 g 150 g - 155 g  150 g - 155 g 160 g - 165 g 148 g - 154 g 150 g - 156 g
    String pattern 14x18 14x18 14x18 14x18 14x19 14x19 14x18 14x18
    Balance 365mm ± 5 

    365mm ± 3 355mm ± 5 365mm ± 5 365mm ± 5 365mm ± 5 365mm ± 5 365mm ± 5
    Surface area, cm2 493 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
    Retail, $CDN $110 $120 Unstrung $110 $110 $110 $75 $110 $110

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        Dear fellow squash players, my name is Tim Burganov and I will be taking care of warranty issues. The following is information about the Xamsa Warranty Program. If you have any concerns after reading, please send me an email and I will get back to you shortly.

        The idea behind creating Xamsa Squash is to promote squash and to offer high quality racquets at fair prices. We do our best to avoid any manufacturing defect however if there is a problem, we are here to resolve it. Due to relatively high cost compared to selling price, we cannot afford a no-fault warranty program.

        You are the only person who knows exactly what happened to your racquet therefore we leave it up to you to decide.

        If your racquet broke within 30 days of purchase, we kindly ask you to assess the damage and choose one of the following options:

        1. Manufacturing defect. If you believe that your racket broke due to manufacturing defect, please let me know and I will arrange for a replacement at no charge.
        2. Contributed damage. If you do not think it was a manufacturing defect, but believe the racquet was nonetheless a little too fragile, let's meet half way. We will be happy to sell you a new racket with 50% discount.
        3. Significant impact with the wall causing the racket to break. This is not a warranty case however we understand how frustrating it can be to break a racquet so quickly. We will gladly give you a 25% discount if you would like to buy a new racquet.

        Please note: the custom stringing is not covered by warranty. There is a $15 shipping fee for the replacement racquet (Canada and the US). For other countries, the shipping fee will depend on your location. To avoid the shipping expenses for the replacement racquet, you can buy any racquet and we will enclose a replacement racquet at no extra shipping fee. If we need the broken racquet back, we will let you know and will provide a pre-paid return shipping label.

        If your racquet broke after 30 days of purchase but you only played with it a couple of times, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Please rest assured that we will find a satisfactory solution.

        Warranty related inquiries:

        Tim Burganov 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Anthony Campbell (Huddersfield, GB)

        Great service & impressed with this particular Xamsa Racquet.

        Paul Dunlop (Suwanee, US)
        Amazing Head Light Racket

        I have been playing with these PXT Exposed rackets for about 6 months and love them, very head light, super maneuverable and no issues with durability so far. I play 3 times a week, probably a solid city level B player and constantly looking to improve. I used the regular PXT Incognito before this racket and the PXT 115’s and 110’s before that.

        The numbers on the Xamsa website are 100% accurate, my Exposed rackets (I have 3 – I sweat a lot and have to rotate between games) weigh in at 143 grams with a regular grip and an over grip. My regular PXT Incognito racket is 154 grams so 11 grams less in the head of the racket which makes a big difference in swing weight and general feel of the racket. The only number I disagree with is the durability rating of 5, my rackets get a good amount of contact with the side wall, it takes the paint off the racket but no damage to the frame or strings, these are very durable rackets.

        Firstly the 100% Toray Japan carbon fiber construction of the Incognito rackets gives them a slightly softer hit compared to the other PXT rackets, this is good as I have suffered from some pretty bad tennis elbow and forearm pain which has slowly gone away using these rackets. So, for me the zero vibration in the frame is good and important for reducing general wear and tear on the racket arm.

        Pros: Maneuverability, 11 grams less in the head of the racket means you can make micro adjustments as you swing the racket, I noticed my volleys (especially reaction volleys) improved straight away and are still improving. I can also hold for longer and flick the racket at the last second often sending my opponent the wrong way. As I look to step forwards and volley more, I think this racket gives you a big advantage.

        Cons: Less power and smaller sweet spot. So, I think this is Newtons second law ‘Force = Mass x Acceleration’ to get the same power with a lighter racket you have to swing it faster which means you need good swing mechanics with good racket head speed. I have worked on this for a few years and can get good power from this racket, it does take more effort to swing and at first, I found my arm would get tired fairly quickly. Also, the sweet spot on the PXT Exposed seems smaller than on the regular Incognito, if you don’t hit the smaller sweet spot the racket seems less stable and less forgiving.

        Recommendations: If you like teardrops try this racket, get Xamsa to string it for you with your favorite strings and give it 30 days to adjust to swinging a head light racket. Order the regular grommet strips with your racket so if you really don’t like it convert back to a regular PXT Incognito (good all-around racket, great power with larger sweet spot).

        Finally, can’t say enough about Xamsa, amazing company that is doing so much for the squash community, I have had many great email conversations with Tim who is always willing to take the time and advise on all things squash. For squash players, by squash players – spread the word :)

        Chris Flynn (Toronto, CA)
        Great Racquet

        Tried the exposed and the regular version and fell in love with the exposed. It does take a little more of a beating without the plastic bumper but it well worth the increased balance control and manoeuvrability. Highly recommended for anyone playing a teardrop right now.