Does "lighter" mean "better"?

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Today I would like to tell you about a new addition to the Incognito series: the PXT Incognito (2020). Yes, you heard it right, this is a new model with different specs. And no, the original PXT Incognito (2017) hasn't been discontinued. At least, not just yet. It will be available for you guys as long as there is a demand.

Xamsa PXT Incognito 2020 vs 2017

The frame is exactly the same as the previous 2017 model with the only difference being the lack of the black matte paint which resulted in 5 g lighter weight and 5 mm more head light balance. Can the lack of something be a good thing? Perhaps, it can apply to the Incognito series where we use the "Prepreg" technology to make powerful and manoeuvrable racquets while ensuring the consistency of the specifications for the whole batch.

I was never a believer in the cosmetics. The design doesn't make your racquet perform better. Hence, most Xamsa racquets are black but, with the Incognito series, we took it a step further: why waste precious grams on the paint at all? Furthermore, it's a matter of taste, I personally find that the most beautiful things in life are natural. You don't need to mask them with the paint or something. Talking about the racquets, to me, there is nothing more beautiful than a pure colour of the Japanese carbon fiber. Here is Xamsa Onyx Incognito closeup:

Xamsa Onyx Incognito

Long story short, the new PXT Incognito adheres to the standards of our "Incognito" series where we aim to have our best-selling models made of 100% Japanese Prepreg Carbon with the full strung weight of 145 g and "raw carbon" finish.

You could ask: Does "lighter" mean "better"?

Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on your personal preference but one thing is for certain: a very manoeuvrable PXT Incognito (2017) has become an ultra manoeuvrable PXT Incognito (2020). I was comparing these two versions side by side in the past few weeks and all of a sudden, the original PXT Incognito became boring for me, just not as lively as the 2020 version. Don't get me wrong, the 2017 version is light, quick and felt solid across the board but the latter was the reason I got bored with it. I realized that I don't want my racquet to feel exceptionally "solid" if you know what I mean. In fact, the "solid feel" has almost become the synonym of "no feel" to me. On the contrary, with the new PXT Incognito, I could feel when I was hitting off-center allowing me for micro-adjustments as I was swinging through. And it was a pure joy to hit drop shots with it.


Here is a video review of PXT Incognito 2020 from Pierre (SquashSource):

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