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Great racquet but questionable durability

I really like the racquet and really want to continue to like the racquet, but I am starting to question the durability of this one. I have had 2 now that have cracked across the face, each lasting only 30 days. I am not a crazy power hitter, and my game is good enough that I don't have bone crushing wall impacts, however I do play everyday. I hope a racquet should last more that 30-45 hours of play. Tim has been great and we are working through the problems.

Thank you for the review. We only had 6 warranty claims on this model which is less than 2% of the racquets sold but it's very unusual that your two racquets broke so fast. We will find a solution for you. I will be in touch. Thanks again, Tim
Really Satisfied

Love the racquet, feels very comfortable and smooth. Xamsa provides exceptional customer service and went above and beyond to give me advice with selecting the right strings for the racquet.

Xamsa 6R Bag

I received a complimentary Xamsa 6R Bag with my recent order of two squash racquets. The bag is very well designed and roomy, allowing me to carry all of my squash racquets (3), balls (6), eye protection (2), water bottle (1), sweat band (1), towels (2), and sneakers (1). The only problem I've encountered with the bag is that the clip that connects the two shoulder straps broke within the first month of use, which is not a huge deal. Otherwise, I am very happy with this bag.

Xamsa Incognito 6R Bag

The bag was given as a gift, and the person who received it absolutely loved it. Plenty of space and good quality.

Xamsa onyx incognito

Nice racquet. Light, no vibration, powerful with good control. I have limb issues and racquet does not hurt joints or ligaments. Very very happy. Tim went above and beyond to sell me this racquet, outstanding customer service.

I really like this racquet! Nice to volley with

Xamsa Onyx Incognito

I recently purchased the Xamsa Onyx Incognito Racquet and couldn't be happier with the power and control it has brought to my game. Thank you for providing such a high caliber racquet at an affordable price!

Excellent Control

I have only had this racquet for a few weeks and am already enjoying it. The control with this racquet is just amazing. The Xamsa grip that it comes with is also very nice.

Good racquet, great price

The obsidian is a really solid choice for a bridged racquet. Good feel and good power for half the price of anything equivalent.

Obsidian Incognito

Great racquet!

The Crucible is perfection

Love the shape, weight and balance of the Crucible. Best racquet I have ever used. Upgraded to the X-Glu grip and now I can’t imagine ever using any other racquet. Amazing.

Great Racquet

Tried the exposed and the regular version and fell in love with the exposed. It does take a little more of a beating without the plastic bumper but it well worth the increased balance control and manoeuvrability. Highly recommended for anyone playing a teardrop right now.

Love this company

Cant speak highly enough of xamsa- two racquets later, I'm definitely hooked.

Racquet purchase

The racket is an excellent power, volley and drive racket with control for the short shots. Liked the custom grip and string options given too.

Good grip

Good quality product. Would recommend to anyone.

Pleasantly surprised

I bought the Xmas PXT Incognito racquet with never having tried the racquet. I based this purchase on some of the positive reviews I was reading. I have to admit, I was not expecting to like the racquet as much I do. It is a great product, that offers power and feel around the squash court. The racquet balance is great. I would recommend anyone to look into trying and possibly buying Xmas racquets, as I believe you will be just as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Well made racket

Just got my demo racket, first inspection is quality build, and nice thick guard on top. Weight is in line with standard rackets not quite a match for the "ultra light" rackets but those or not for everyone. More details to come after a few hits!

After one month

Works for me. Good flex for vibration free hit.

Great Racquet with a bad Bumber Gaurd

This is a fantastic racquet, but the bumper guard is brittle and already cracked after a month of use.

A masterpiece

Received my fresh locally strung racquet a few days ago (Ashaway Superick ZX). Control/vibration are beyond awesome. Drop accuracy improved from the very start. The power is very good too (maybe the Xamsa team shouldn't rate it that hard). I am an ocasional sidewall racquet wrecker and was concerned about the durability description on this page. Quite frankly, I hit the wall hard a few times and racquet felt strong. Less worried now. I also read a statistic from Eye Racquets that says ninety something percent of racket breaks do not happen at the guard side but on the throat anyway. Will be buying many more in the future. PS: Racquet looks amazingly nice with the matte black grunge finish (thought of framing one for the living room)

Great racket, reasonably priced

I really like the PXT 115, its a great intermediate level racket. It gives a good balance between power and control, and is lighter than I expected. Highly recommend.

Love the racquet

I love Xamsa racquets. They are very reasonably priced and just as good as the expensive high end racquets. I love the balance of the PXT 115, fairly neutrally balanced.

Green grips

They are great & they stay grippy for a really long time.

110% satisfied

You guys go beyond a superb stringing service. I got great coaching from Tim on the optimum string for the racquet. Great job guys