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Excellent control
Best racket I’ve used
Xamsa crucible incognito
Great Doubles Racquet
Love it
O Canada Racquet
Great Xamsa racquet, as usual!!
Beautiful new racquets
Great Racket
Great racquet
Love Onyx racquets
Awesome service!
Beautiful racquet
Exactly what i was looking for
Head band
Great Bag
Fantastic racquet
Amazing Head Light Racket
Great but not very durable
I discussed the issue with Olivier. It so happened Olivier had a video of his match and agreed to upload it for others to see. Thank you! It's hard to tell. The impact with the wall was quite significant. The glass wall is particularly brutal as it's a much stiffer material. We tested this model thoroughly and it didn't appear to be fragile at all. Anyway, let's give it another try. Olivier was kind enough to pay 50% for a warranty replacement. Hopefully, a new racquet will serve you well and long! Please keep us posted.
Great racket
Really liking this racquet so far!