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Great bag

Perfect size. Carries 4 of my rackets easily. Might not shove 6 in there. Ventilated pocket carries sneakers and shower shoes easily. Plenty of room for 2 changes of workout clothes. Compartments and side pockets are well thought out and useful for you to configure as you want. Seems very durable. Love the minimalist look and design. Very sleek.


To me this racket is the perfect one. I feel very confident with it. I have the original Crucible as well (which also always felt like 'the one'), but this stripped down from bumper and grommit is waaay more maneuverable. It is easier for me to add some deception in to my game with this. I feel more comfortable with early preparations and holding the swing longer cause of the lightness. As stated in the description it sometimes is little bit less forgiving, but I'm willing to give away some of it for all the other benefits the racket gives me. Xamsa themselves have given this a 5 on the power. I'd say more like 7. Maybe it's individual to how rackets function from person to person, but a 5 on the power is to low I'd say.

Great Racquet!

This racquet was exactly what I signed up for and more. Great power, lightweight, and ready to use right away. I added an overgrip wrap with no problems. Excellent value as well.

Shot Makers Dream

First review of the rackets compared to the Technifibre Carboflex 130, the racket felt lighter than the carboflex but much more balanced throughout, the racket is a true shot makers dream, i'd always felt like i'd lost a little of my touch game with the Carboflex, with the trade for control, but the PXT Incognito has given me that element back to my game without trading the control and it provides effortless power. Amazing response for my deceptive shots and cross court switches, tried both the Xamsa Strings and X-One strings, loved the Xamsa strings, both played very similar but the feedback from the Xamsa was superior. In regards to the grips i've always been a Karakal person as they have been unmatched in tackiness and durability, but wow the Xamsa X-Glu is a real contender, the grip was fantastic even when sweaty, definetely on par with the Karakal PU Super Grip for sure from the initial feel. Normally with other rackets i've tried from Harrow and Black Knight i've ended back with the Carboflex, not tonight, I switched to compare but had to switch back quickly as I missed the playability. Excellent racket and awesome service.

Love Xamsa Obsidian

I've said it time and time again, the minute I tried a Xamsa I never looked back. It its a great balance of agility/finess and power. Its durability is also a huge selling point for me.

Would buy again!

string and balance

string too soft and become lose real fast. head heavy as it is.

Great Racquet

This racquet is beautiful. It feels very comfortable and balanced when I hold it. The all-black style is cool. And, I liked how they put an arrow at the bottom (people always ask me to spin for the first serve).

My squash mates tried it out and they liked it. One of them hit the ball for 2 minutes with it and bought it on the same day.

It is my top favorite or, at least, in the top 2 favorite racquets that I have used so far.

Great Product

I received 2 racquets in my demo program and both are excellent to play with. My only observation to the negative is the base of the handle on my Obsidian racquet is starting to come apart. In fairness perhaps I needed to upgrade the gripping which is not expense at all and that would have solved the problem.
That minor point aside I plan to buy all my racquets from Xamsa


Xamsa Crucible Racquet

Excellent racquet. I feel in control with it and has a great feel when hitting the ball. I can generate a decent amount of power when needed, and it has lasted a long time (since Oct 2018). I recently picked up another one I liked it so much. Highly recommended.


Met & exceeded expectations including service & speedy international delivery

Sublime racket

Agree with the aforementioned comments. This racket generates so much power so easily. My original carboflexes is collecting dust after Xamsa opened my eyes. Many thanks!


Tacky, grippy and long lasting.

Xamsa Onyx

This was the second teardrop racquet I have ever played with and now I will never use anything else. The racquet feels very light but solid when hitting the ball and offers a lot more control than I expected. This is by far my new favourite racquet.

Control and tons of power too!

Very precise. I'm relatively new to this racquet, but I did some figure of eights (amateur version with a bounce) with it while waiting for a match and everything just clicked. Actually stopped the solo drill myself after a while and not because of a mishit (guess I need to ditch the bounce...). Clean hits with sweetspot, and the racquet simply feels right. Absolutely no trouble with the swing or the timing. I have been using the Inkognito (which is also a great racquet) up until recently but wanted something more accurate. I need some more time to get fully accustomed to it, but none the less: Very satisfied!

Great feel, great balance, a very nice racquet overall

Over the years, I have played with nearly every brand of racquet available-- e.g. in addition to the Xamsas, my bag currently holds a Karakal, a Dunlop, a Tecnifibre, and a couple of Salmings. I have to say the Xamsa Obsidian is the equal or better of anything I have tried. I have a fairly well-rounded game in that I combine control and accuracy with touch, as well as a great deal of changing the pace and power. The Obsidian suits all facets of that game well. Compared to other closed throat racquets I use-- the Eye 120 Shabana model and the Dunlop series used by Gaultier-- I prefer the weight and balance of the Xamsa. It is solid on off center hits, and feels great volleying all around the court. While it is rated a bit lower for power, I have no trouble generating pace with the frame. I would also add that this racquet is in no way a step down from any frame on the market. The only thing you are getting less of is a deduction from your account.

Xamsa review

These two amazing Xamsa Onyx racquets have improved my game! Very pleased, thanks Tim.

Xamsa strings

Great strings, feel really good hitting the ball. Grips the ball really well, allowing for decent cut shots. Could be a bit more durable, but you can't always have everything. Will definitely purchase again.

Great Purchase

As a newer squash player, I was looking for a racquet that was forgiving and powerful. The Onyx is just that. I love playing with it, and the price can't be beat!

Top performance racquet at affordable price

Having played with a couple of different Xamsa racquets and most top racquets from other manufacturers, I can say that there is no difference in performance and quality despite the price. My most recent racquet was the Harrow Vapor, and the Tecnifibre Carboflex before that.

With the Obsidian, I was able to compare it side by side with the BK Hex Phenom and the Harrow Vibe before deciding. All three racquets have large head size and less stiff frames. My observations:

- Obsidian vs BK Hex Phenom: both have a very similar hex frame, shape and size. The Obsidian's lighter weight makes it easier to snap while still giving better control and the same amount of power. The Phenom is heavier which may suit those preferring more weight but it comes at the cost of maneuverability and doesn't offer better power.

- Obsidian vs Harrow Vibe: even though the Obsidian is a bit heavier, being more head light makes it more maneuverable. I also find the Obsidian to be more consistent and have better control. Playing with the Vibe demands a particular swing to produce consistently straight balls. It takes some getting used to while the Obsidian was easier for me to "get".

Overall I found the larger head and thinner beam/additional flex of the Obsidian more forgiving and allowed better control. It wasn't overly flexible as the racquet still produced a satisfyingly crisp hit. The thin beam also made for nice cut on drops. You have a larger area to brush off the ball without a thicker beam to cause an accidental frame shot. Good pop off the strings. If you're coming from a tear drop shape or a heavier racquet with head light balance, you may need some time to adjust. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Xamsa PXT 115 - awesome price/value!

Used to play with Tecnifibre 125s - which i really liked but I guess I beat up on it too much. The PXT 115 feels great - don't miss the 125s at all especially as the 125s is way more expensive.
PXT 115 has a little more pop and is ever so slightly head heavy, but maneuverable and solid.

Didn't care for the grip that came with it, wrapped it with Mega Tac - nice a sticky now.

Raquet durability

I am on my second PXT 115; frame on the first one cracked less than 2 months after purchase. Company did offer me a discount on a new raquet so I took the offer and purchased 2. Been playing regularly now for one month and so far so good........power and touch are probably the best I have felt in my years as "B" player.

Meets expectations

I got exactly what I was looking for : a light, slightly head-heavy racket, with a hybrid head shape I am familiar with that gives you loads of control and plenty of power when needed. I bought two of these and both weighted about 153-154 grams, so the advertised cross-weight checks out just fine. It's a quite stiff frame that absorbs vibrations beautifully which results in a comfortably playable racket. Recommended!

Best one

I like X glu replacement grip ..when I use feel good and long life.. thank you Xamsa

Power and precision

The more I play with it the more I like it.

Great !

This PXT Incognito is great !
It makes a month I am using it now and I found my new favorite racquet.
I used to play the classic Carbo 125s and this Incognito gives me more control, accuracy and comfort.
Delivery in Europe only took a couple days.
So it's a perfect !