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Excellent control

This is one truly durable racquet!! I have hit it hard on some courts but it's still going strong. The hybrid shape gives it a lot of extra control, while still retaining most of the power that you might get from a teardrop racquet like the pxt incognito. Great value for money, and as always, the customer service cannot be matched!

Best racket I’ve used

Took a risk and bought without testing it. Used it for a few games so far and love the control.

Xamsa Crucible Incognito Squash Racquet Frame Unstrung
Kevin from Vancouver (Vancouver, CA)
Xamsa crucible incognito

Great racket, very happy with my purchase. Feels more manoeuvrable and quicker than my old, now backup, crucible (not incognito), which I also love. A noticable improvement on back corner work and volleying. Would recommend to all players. Looks sexy too.

Great Doubles Racquet

Love my new doubles racquet. This is my second Xamsa purchase and it did not disappoint. Great quality at a great price.

Xamsa Crucible Squash Racquet Strung
Chuck Boon (Calgary, CA)
Love it

In my opinion, squash racquets are kind of like golf clubs. Most people never seem totally satisfied. I was always like this - until now. I love this racquet. I have always hit the ball pretty hard and I was worried about the power. Nothing to worry about here. The ball really pops of the strings. The big difference for me is how much my touch has improved. I was prone to hitting the ball too loose on my forehand. With this racquet I seem to be able to keep all of those length shots tight on both walls. I've never had a great drop shot but those shots have also gotten dramtically better for me. I also notice that when I'm in an awkward position and I'm sure that I'm going to hit a bit of the side wall I'm somehow able to still hit it nice and tight along the wall. I honestly couldn't be happier with this racquet and it will be the only one in my bag going forward.

Xamsa Onyx Squash Racquet Strung
Scott (Auckland, NZ)

Xamsa Onyx Squash Racquet Strung

O Canada Racquet

The racquet looks and feels great! I love the Canadian flair.

Great Xamsa racquet, as usual!!

Love the way it plays. Next time would prefer patriotic Canadian racquet with red MATTE finish, though.

Beautiful new racquets

I bought 2 Onyx Exposed - O Canada edition racquets. I had been able to hit a few balls with an earlier version of the racquet before, and loved the balance, feel, and power that I felt. When these gorgeous, shiny, red racquets showed up, I was immediately impressed by the flashy looks, but also struck by the balanced feel. I had to wait a couple of weeks to get on the court with them, as our courts in Saskatchewan remained closed due to Covid, but once I got on court, I was, and continue to be, blown away by how good the racquet feels in my hand. Probably the best racquet I have played with, with the possible exception of the Harrow Vapor Ultra-light.

Great Racket

Bought a Xamsa Onyx Incognito based mainly on the looks and reviews since I'm too far away to try them (shipping is roughly a 1/3 of the price in my case) but absolutely loved it. After a few not-so-gentle wall-collisions I'm in need of another racket - and intend to get the exact same one.

Great racquet

I have used multiple top end racquets (using the Head Touch Speed 120 lately) and the Xamsa PXT definitely holds it own! Is it a 100 times better than any racquet out there? Of course not. No single racquet is better than all other racquets. You just have to find a racquet that feels right for you and adds to your style of game, and the Xamsa PXT has something for everybody. Gives you great power as well as control, and the construction is very solid. It really feels like an extension of your arm. And the price point is fantastic. You get a racquet that competes with Head, Technifiber, etc but costs significantly less. Finally, the customer service is exceptional. This is one area where Xamsa has everybody beat. Give it a try, and I promise you won't regret it.

Xamsa Men's Shorts Grey with logo

Xamsa Demo Program
Mike Facik (Conway, US)
Love Onyx racquets

Great demo program! I demoed the Onyx series racquets. Love the punch and control these racquets provide. I couldn’t make up my mind between the two, so I kept them both.

Xamsa Onyx Squash Racquet Strung
Andrew Hall (Vancouver, CA)
Awesome service!

Initially, the rackets weren't exactly my favorite, but Tim was awesome in helping me work out exactly what I needed and now I'm happy with my Xamsa stuff. Customer service can't be beat!

Xamsa Crucible Squash Racquet Strung
Yun-En Chung (Montreal, CA)
Beautiful racquet

10/10 would buy again

Xamsa Incognito 6R Bag
Michael (Stella, CA)
Exactly what i was looking for

It is a very good bag. Holds all i need for a trip to the court. I particularly like the subdued branding. I am not a big fan of flashy branding. I also like the backpack straps. However, there are extra strap and buckles that i cant figure out what to do with. I would be nice to have instructions.

Halo II Pullover Headband with Xamsa Logo
Jamie Kelman (Toronto, CA)
Head band

Great head band way better than the old school terry cloth ones

Xamsa Incognito 6R Bag
Sean O’Meara (Riviere-Beaudette, CA)
Great Bag

Spacious bag with lots of pocket space. Perfect!

Fantastic racquet

I purchased this racquet recently, and have been very happy with it, winning my last 4 intercity squash matches. It has great power, feel and touch. The stringing was done exactly as asked for, and the overgrip is perfect. For the price I cannot imagine a better racquet for the price.

Amazing Head Light Racket

I have been playing with these PXT Exposed rackets for about 6 months and love them, very head light, super maneuverable and no issues with durability so far. I play 3 times a week, probably a solid city level B player and constantly looking to improve. I used the regular PXT Incognito before this racket and the PXT 115’s and 110’s before that.

The numbers on the Xamsa website are 100% accurate, my Exposed rackets (I have 3 – I sweat a lot and have to rotate between games) weigh in at 143 grams with a regular grip and an over grip. My regular PXT Incognito racket is 154 grams so 11 grams less in the head of the racket which makes a big difference in swing weight and general feel of the racket. The only number I disagree with is the durability rating of 5, my rackets get a good amount of contact with the side wall, it takes the paint off the racket but no damage to the frame or strings, these are very durable rackets.

Firstly the 100% Toray Japan carbon fiber construction of the Incognito rackets gives them a slightly softer hit compared to the other PXT rackets, this is good as I have suffered from some pretty bad tennis elbow and forearm pain which has slowly gone away using these rackets. So, for me the zero vibration in the frame is good and important for reducing general wear and tear on the racket arm.

Pros: Maneuverability, 11 grams less in the head of the racket means you can make micro adjustments as you swing the racket, I noticed my volleys (especially reaction volleys) improved straight away and are still improving. I can also hold for longer and flick the racket at the last second often sending my opponent the wrong way. As I look to step forwards and volley more, I think this racket gives you a big advantage.

Cons: Less power and smaller sweet spot. So, I think this is Newtons second law ‘Force = Mass x Acceleration’ to get the same power with a lighter racket you have to swing it faster which means you need good swing mechanics with good racket head speed. I have worked on this for a few years and can get good power from this racket, it does take more effort to swing and at first, I found my arm would get tired fairly quickly. Also, the sweet spot on the PXT Exposed seems smaller than on the regular Incognito, if you don’t hit the smaller sweet spot the racket seems less stable and less forgiving.

Recommendations: If you like teardrops try this racket, get Xamsa to string it for you with your favorite strings and give it 30 days to adjust to swinging a head light racket. Order the regular grommet strips with your racket so if you really don’t like it convert back to a regular PXT Incognito (good all-around racket, great power with larger sweet spot).

Finally, can’t say enough about Xamsa, amazing company that is doing so much for the squash community, I have had many great email conversations with Tim who is always willing to take the time and advise on all things squash. For squash players, by squash players – spread the word :)

Great but not very durable

Probably the best racquet I ever had, even though I usually prefer traditional head shapes. I felt like I had more control and more power compared to my old Harrow Vapor, my previous favourite racquet. The racquet is very stiff, and I would not recommend to someone who likes to make use of flick shots frequently. Volleying feels excellent and the ball just pops right off without having to exert power. The ball seems to go exactly where I want it to go, especially for drop shots. I had no problem at all generating power with the racquet, even from awkward positions. I would recommend this racquet to players who favour control over power, especially those who like to volley and play very precise drop shots. I would not recommend this racquet to the pure power-player. I wanted to give this racquet 5 stars, but...

Regrettably, after only 3,5 weeks of use (about 8 times playing), I broke it after making contact with the wall with the racquet, attempting to play a boast. Admittedly, it was a pretty hard hit to the wall. Still, I think most other racquets would have survived the impact. I had been very careful with it prior to this incident. It is really sad, as I was really starting to feel the racquet and had become adapted to the non-conventional head shape. Of course, this can happen in a game like squash.

I still would like to try other Xamsa racquets now, such as the Obsidian, as I liked the racquet very much; but considering the total price (racquet+shipping to the Netherlands) I may just use my old racquet for now.

I discussed the issue with Olivier. It so happened Olivier had a video of his match and agreed to upload it for others to see. Thank you!
It's hard to tell. The impact with the wall was quite significant. The glass wall is particularly brutal as it's a much stiffer material.
We tested this model thoroughly and it didn't appear to be fragile at all.
Anyway, let's give it another try. Olivier was kind enough to pay 50% for a warranty replacement. Hopefully, a new racquet will serve you well and long! Please keep us posted.

Xamsa Demo Program
dbq (North Vancouver, CA)
Great racket

Really surprised how good the racket was, lightweight and fast but solid and powerful, great racket, not sending it back !

Xamsa Obsidian Incognito Squash Racquet Unstrung


It was as expected. Would have gave 5 star but the grip wasn’t wrapped super well. Some seams exposed the plastic

Really liking this racquet so far!

Did some pretty thorough research when it came time to get a new racquet and decided to give Xamsa Obsidian Incognito a try. I’ve played with tear drop racquets for years, so this - and my unfamiliarity with Xamsa - was going out on a limb for me. Have had it now for just over 2 months and have been very impressed with the construction quality, play feel and durabaility (knocked the wall/glass a few times accidentally!). And I had a slight concern about my racquet early on, so I emailed Xamsa - they responded next day and assured me of no issue but to get back in touch if it turned into a problem. So, great customer service too (and no issue has arisen with the racquet). The racquet also turns heads and illicit slots of questions on court!

For the cost savings, quality and design and costumer service, would highly recommend.