Xamsa PNT 110 (former CNT 135) Squash Racquet Strung - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PNT 110 (former CNT 135) Squash Racquet Strung - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PNT 110 (former CNT 135) Squash Racquet Strung - XamsaSquash
Xamsa PNT 110 (former CNT 135) Squash Racquet Strung - XamsaSquash

Raquette de squash Xamsa PNT 110 (ancienne CNT 135) cordée

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Certains joueurs préfèrent les raquettes pontées tandis que d'autres préfèrent une forme de larme. C'est une question de préférence personnelle. Il existe de nombreux arguments pour défendre les deux types de raquettes.

Cependant, les raquettes légères en forme de larme sont généralement considérées comme les mieux adaptées à un style de jeu offensif, tandis que les raquettes pontées sont plus populaires parmi les joueurs recherchant un contrôle ou une finesse accrus.

  • Poids net: cadre de 110 grammes uniquement,, 
  • Poids total: cadre de 155 grammes, œillets, cordes et poignéep)
  • Surface du cadre: 493 cm2
  • Balance: 365 mm / - 5 mmm

  • Cordes: Xamsa PM 18, calibre 18. Xamsa PM 18 est construit en utilisant un millier de multifilaments comme noyau central puis enveloppé dans des fibres tressées. La surface rugueuse et la résistance donnent un bon contrôle de la balle, et le revêtement élastique fournit une puissance supplémentaire.

  • Tension: 26 à 27 lb

En raison de notre tendance aux raquettes légères, nous avons rendu les cadres assez rigides en utilisant de la fibre de carbone de haute qualité pour une durabilité accrue. Nous avons essayé d'obtenir un mélange parfait de puissance et d'agilité sans aucune trace de vibration. Avec un poids net de seulement 110 grammes, la puissance et le contrôle surprendront la plupart des joueurs.

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Xamsa PNT 110 en action:

Ben Daigle vs Johny Potmesil 3: 1, finales B, Championnats canadiens de squash 201717

Patrick Foster vs Tim Burganov jouant avec PNT 110 3: 0, Bermuda Squash Challenge. 19 mai 20172017

Fred Saleh jouant avec PXT 110 contre Joffre Godin jouant avec PNT 110 au match de Squash Super 8, 27 janvier 20172017


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Muhammad Hadi (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Just Amazing

I have been a big fan of the Xamsa brand and in particular the PNT 110. It was my regular go to racket in all type of scenarios be it training or matches. The one thing that is amazing about the racket is the balance and the strings combination. I think Xamsa has done an exceptional job with the racket. I would recommend that they add a little bit more weight (+5 gms) to the racket so that it can be catered to more individuals while keeping the balance as it is. I really applaud the message of the team as well and their zeal for the sport.

Robin Scott (Brampton, CA)
Use of 2 racquets by Robin Scott and grandson.

Very pleased with racquets. My grandson and I both use them. I will probably go for a lighter feel racquet next time. Great value for money!

VVH (Thunder Bay, CA)
Great Racket!

Relatively new to the game, but I went through a couple of sale rackets from a retail shop. The Xamsa PNT 110 is great. Has terrific touch. Couldn't be happier. Price is reasonable for such a quality racket.

Dino Bortolotto (Toronto, CA)
Xamsa PNT 110

Great racquet, having been using them for years.
I'd recommend any day.

Clovie Cyr (Orangeville, CA)

Wasn’t very Durable

Ben (Montreal, CA)

Very good racket at an affordable price

Joffre Godin, Club Sportif MAA, Montreal

The CNT135 is really well balanced, I enjoy its playability as well as its power. There is no vibration which is a big plus. The grip is perfect. With Xamsa philosophy to encourage squash players of all levels, the racquet is extremely affordable and a must own!

Reiko Peter

I am Reiko Peter currently no. 88 in the world and I just recently changed to the Xamsa Racket. I have played a smaller head size for quite a long time and I wanted to try a bigger head size for quite some time. I was not very happy with most of the rackets I tested. Because most of the times they felt too heavy or not as accurate when I was hitting the ball.

When I tried the CNT 135 for the first time I immediately liked it a lot because the bigger head size is a lot more ‘forgiving’, if you don’t hit the ball exactly in the middle.

I don’t really like that the grip of the Racket is short. I have quite big hands and think the grip of the Racket should go further up. I had quite some time to get used to it. Now I am fine with it though.

My favorite things about the Xamsa Rackets are the weight and the balance. It feels so light but it still has some weight to gain power in your strike. I have a lot of touch with it because of these two things.

Since I have been using the Racket I climbed to world ranking better than ever… I guess that has to mean something :D

Vadim Di Pietro, Club Sportif MAA, Montreal, Quebec

I've been known to take squash "too seriously". I would never sacrifice even 1% of racket quality, even if you paid me. I'm also not a big fan of change, and had been playing with the same top brand racket for 10 years. So I was a bit reluctant to try out Xamsa, especially given its low price, which I assumed meant it must be lower quality. But I decided to have a hit with it (CNT 135), just out of curiosity. At first it felt ok, but it wasn't identical to my previous racket, so it felt a bit off. But after about an hour of solo drill I really started to like it. I decided to try it out in a match. Long story short, it felt great and I've been a loyal Xamsa user for a month now. Strongly recommend.

Player's info from Squash Quebec web site:
Vadim Di Pietro, Club Sportif MAA
Ranked #17 in Quebec as of Feb 21, 2015

Patrick Lauzier, Club Sportiff Maa member, Montreal

I’ve been playing with the Xamsa CNT 135 for about two weeks. I’ve already won a tournament with it!! I really like the feel of the racquet. I have small hands and the grip is smaller than what I use to play with (Black Knight). I have great control and have very accurate shots. I would recommend this racquet for anybody who wants to have greater control with his shots. There’s also the price. You have a high end racquet for the fraction of the price (100 CAD). Overall I am very satisfied and will continue to choose Xamsa as my weapon of choice. Watch out!

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