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Xamsa PNT 115/ancienne CNT 140/Raquette de squash cordée

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Discontinué. Remplacé parObsidienne Xamsa.

C'est la raquette la plus durable de tous les modèles que nous proposons.

Il ne pèse que 5 grammes de plus que le PNT 110, mais en raison de la fibre de carbone haute densité dans la tête de la raquette, il peut résister aux contacts avec le mur pendant beaucoup plus longtemps. En termes de jouabilité, ce n'est pas très différent du PNT 110 et en fait, de nombreux joueurs de niveau A n'ont pas été en mesure de faire la différence si facilement.

Nous recommandons certainement PNT 115 à ceux d'entre vous qui ont tendance à frapper le mur de temps en temps mais qui veulent quand même avoir une raquette de haute performance.

Certains joueurs préfèrent les raquettes pontées tandis que d'autres préfèrent une forme de larme. C'est une question de préférence personnelle. Il existe de nombreux arguments pour défendre les deux types de raquettes.

Cependant, les raquettes légères en forme de larme sont généralement considérées comme les mieux adaptées à un style de jeu offensif, tandis que les raquettes pontées sont plus populaires parmi les joueurs recherchant un contrôle ou une finesse accrus.

Comme il existe de nombreuses façons de mesurer le poids d'une raquette de squash, nous avons spécifié les normes les plus couramment utilisées.

Ce modèle pèse 5 grammes de plus que le PNT 110 générant encore plus de puissance.

  • Poids: cadre de 115 grammes seulement, cadre et œillets de 140 grammes, cadre de 160 grammes, œillets, cordes et poignée grip)

  • Surface du cadre: 493 cm2
  • Équilibre: neutre

  • Cordes: Xamsa PM18, calibre 18. Xamsa PM18 est construit en utilisant un millier de microfilaments comme noyau central puis enveloppé dans des fibres tressées. La surface rugueuse et la résistance donnent un bon contrôle de la balle, et le revêtement élastique fournit une puissance supplémentaire.

  • Tension: 26 à 27 lb

En raison de notre tendance vers les raquettes légères, nous avons rendu les cadres assez rigides en utilisant de la fibre de carbone de première qualité pour une durabilité accrue. Nous avons essayé d'obtenir un mélange parfait de puissance et d'agilité sans aucune trace de vibration. Avec un poids net de seulement 115 grammes, la puissance et le contrôle surprendront la plupart des joueurs. Essayez-le sans aucun risque car nous avons une garantie de remboursement inconditionnelle de 30 jours sur les raquettes Xamsa. Nous avons fourni des démos à nos représentants locaux. N'hésitez pas à passer et tester les raquettes par vous-même!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Elliott C (Winnipeg, CA)
Good Racquet

This has been a solid racquet for me. I bought two so I have consistency when one inevitably breaks. It is an all round good performer: the weight is nice, the balance is great, the touch is good, and the power is good. I have used expensive and inexpensive racquets, and this one is my favourite.

Mike Craig (Orangeville, CA)

Have had the racquet for over a year, and love it

Jamie McIlroy (Vancouver, CA)
Not a fan

I know these are really popular but It wasn't for me. Whippy, reminded me of an old Dunlop. I respect what the company is doing and really want them to succeed.

Joffre Godin, member of Club Sportif MAA, Montreal

The CNT135 is really well balanced, I enjoy its playability as well as its power. There is no vibration which is a big plus. The grip is perfect.

With Xamsa philosophy to encourage squash players of all levels, the racquet is extremely affordable and a must own!

Connor Snyder, Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club (Winnipeg Premier League)

I’ve been using the Xamsa CNT 140 since early 2015. I switched from Black Knight because my local shop frequently switched their model offering and by the time I got used to a racket I would be forced to switch to a new model. I wanted a consistent model at an affordable price, and Xamsa was the answer. I chose the CNT 140 because was already used to the head shape and the frame weight. The stock strings (heavy) and grip (thin) leave something to be desired, but thankfully you can customize the racket before shipping. These rackets are incredibly durable; it took me approximately 8 months of heavy play (3-4 games a week at a high level in addition to training sessions) to break one. I went through 4 or 5 sets of strings (UltraNick 17) and at least 12 grips (Karakal) before this racket would break. Xamsa is my new go-to racket and I hope to be using them for years to come.


My teammate bought the VBO 135 and told me about it. When he said that he paid $100 for it I was immediately skeptical. Normally good rackets cost almost double that. So, after watching him use the racquet for a few sessions I asked to try it. I liked it immediately. I borrowed it for a few games and practices and liked it much better than my Head racquets that I was using for almost a year. Since I couldn't keep borowing my temmates racquet I decided to try out the demo program. I got the CNT 135 and 140 through the demo program so I could try out every racquet xamse has to offer. I after playing with the two demo racquets I chose to keep the CNT 135. It is a little lighter than the CNT 140 but feels a little heavier than the VBO 135. I would definetly recommend these racquets to beginners to advanced players alike. I played in a tournament a few weeks ago and since I started paying attention to Xamsa racquets I noticed couple of the level 1 and 2 players in the tournament were using Xamsa racquets as well. I am very happy with my purchase and how quickly it was shipped to me. My next racquet will definitely be a Xamsa one.

Steve Bordeleau, Concourse Athletic Club, Atlanta, Georgia

For the last several months, I've been playing squash with the Xamsa VBO and CNT 140 racquets exclusively. I initially found out about Xamsa from the squash subreddit and given the price point, I figured these racquets would be well worth trying out. For me, I'm a casual club player, making it to the courts about 3 days a week or so and have been experimenting with a number of bats for the last couple years.

The VBO is a neutral balanced 135 gram (frame and grommet weight, 155 grams with strings and grip) teardrop shaped racquet made of carbon fiber. With a price point of just CDN$100, it's a bargain in comparison to others in its class. For me, this racquet offers excellent power, and the balance is phenomenal, which certainly aids in better ball control than some others I've played with (feels quite a bit lighter than it is as well). I've noticed that typically with teardrop shape racquets, you often times trade power for control, but I feel the VBO does a great job delivering both.

The CNT 140 is a neutral balanced bridged racquet; this one weighing in at 140 grams with the frame and grommets (160 grams with strings and grip) and is my favorite between the two. The CNT 140 is noticeably heavier than the VBO, but for me, I find I get significantly more control over the ball while only giving up a small amount of power.

Both racquets by default come pre-strung with Xamsa branded strings and their own grips, both of which work decently, but I'm not particularly fond of either. Then again, at this price point, you're not going to go wrong with them. All of the Xamsa racquets also come with a vibration dampening system, and I've noticed very little (if any) vibration on my shots. Typically I chalk these sorts of dampening systems as being a bit of a gimmick, but I can't help but believe they work in this case.

One service I'm a huge fan of (and one I've used on my most recent CNT-140 purchase) is the ability to have the racq...

Terry Pritchard

This racquet is very, very similar to the Harrow Vibe (which itself is a clone of the old Dunlop Icy Melt), and I love it.

It's a bit heavier than the Vibe, but only marginally...not enough that I really notice...and it is a VERY durable racquet.

Good feel, good balance, and very well made. I highly recommend this racquet.

Viano Oghenekevwe, Club CDL member, Montreal

This has been my experience with the Xamsa Racquet CNT 140 that I bought earlier this year.

1. The racquet is very balanced with regard to weight. I find this gives me the proper balance during play for power drives and control for making good shots.
2. Talking about feeling your racquet, I really like the feel of the CNT 140. It is almost like an extension of my arms during play such that I can get into a grove while playing the high intensity attacking game. Only a few gives me that feel.
3. Best of all, the performance of the CNT 140 does not necessarily mean paying a premium. I find I played better with the CNT 140 than some very expensive racquets I have had in time past. Excellent racquet for an excellent price!

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