Xamsa Onyx eXposed - O Canada! - Limited Edition Squash Racquet - XamsaSquash
Xamsa Onyx eXposed - O Canada! - Limited Edition Squash Racquet - XamsaSquash

Xamsa Onyx - O Canada! - Limited Edition Squash Racquet with bumper

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Powerful teardrop shape.

Diamond shaped edges for better aerodynamics.

With white top bumper & grommet set for durability.

Limited Edition: 200 racquets

Comes unstrung due to higher manufacturing costs.

Choose default Xamsa Red PM-18 strings and the racquet will come with the maple leaf stencil applied to the strings.

Quality consistency.

All racquets are consistently excellent with the same weight and balance for the whole batch thanks to prepreg technology.

The mold is exactly the same as the original Onyx racquet model, but the construction is not. It utilizes the same technology as the “Incognito series” racquets which are made of 100% Toray Japan carbon fiber with prepreg technology. Prepreg is a composite material in which a reinforcement fiber is pre-impregnated with resin in a specific ratio. This allows for direct laying into a mold without having to add resin.

Every racquet has the same ratio of resin with no excess or dry spots. Uniform thickness allows for all racquets to be almost identical, with the same weight and balance as per advertised specifications.


A few words about this project from Tim, Xamsa Squash co-founder:

“My Xamsa partner Peter and I are both immigrants. We came here by choice, but coming is one thing, making it your home is what makes the whole difference. We don’t take it for granted and we truly appreciate all that is being done for us: the support, the sense of community, the warmth and compassion, to name a few.

Without getting too emotional, we just want to celebrate our beautiful country and I personally would like to pay tribute to Montréal, the city that accepted me in 2003 when I first came to Canada and became my true home.

And for this exceptional occasion, we are stepping out of our classic all black design to bring you two limited edition racquets with a stunning Red Chrome Metallic paint job: “O Canada” (200 units) and “Vive Montréal” (100 units).

Believe it or not, but the most time consuming task was to find a “Beaver” that would look nice with the squash ball and the recognizable Montréal symbol. With the help of the local squash community and long time Xamsa Squash ambassador Vadim di Pietro, we finally found what we were looking for and hopefully, it will make you smile”


Montreal Olympic Stadium Logo
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